Want to play in college? VC United is proud to announce our Recruiting Services Team!

VC United is proud to have Lauren Hansen and her team at myRecruitingAssistant as our Recruiting Coordinator! Lauren in conjunction with Technical Directors Courtney Slinko-DeBolt (Girls) and Trace Noack (Boys) will offer athletes at VC United unprecedented support in the world of college recruiting leveraging their relationships, expertise and passion to provide a unique service that will rival anything the top clubs in the country provide. Combined with Executive Director Eric Schulze's experience and connections in the college game in addition to the many coaches who have vast connections as well, VC United is ready to help you!

Lauren Hansen - Recruiting Director

As VC United's Recruiting Director, Lauren will be responsible for maintaining current information on what college coaches are looking for in each class as well as assisting our Recruiting Coordinator matching VC United's athletes to college programs. Lauren will often assist our Recruiting Coordinator in conducting PSA Consultations as well as conducting seminars, recruiting combines and developing resources for our athletes to guide them through the recruiting process throughout their career.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to guide the players of VC United to achieve their dreams of playing collegiate volleyball. Eric Schulze shares in the same vision as I do for his athletes and getting to the next level. Eric's expertise, paired with myself and VC United's amazing staff, will set VC united apart from all other clubs in the Midwest.

Lauren Hansen, Recruiting Director

I cannot say enough about Lauren and her active involvement with the recruiting process for VC United. She has went above and beyond for us personally. I truly feel at all levels of play with the club she works to get your name out there and really works to find the perfect fit for the player.

Brenda Lessman, Mom of Rae Ann Bergman - 2019 - MB - Bradley University


Mikaela Foecke - Recruiting Coordinator

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Mikaela Foecke, Recruiting Coordinator


VC United is extremely proud of what we've accomplished with our players and their families on the recruiting front! Congratulations to all the athletes that have made their commitments and/or signed their National Letter of Intent!


Girls' NCAA DI Commits


Girls' NCAA DII Commits


Girls' NCAA DIII Commits


Girls' NAIA Commits


Girls' NJCAA Commits

Class of 2021

Alyssa Summers - LIB - Hannibal-Lagrange (NAIA)
Clare Green - ST - Cornell College (NCAA DIII)
Elaina Wamhoff - ST - University of Albany (NCAA DI)
Emma Konie - OPP - Univ of Illinois-Springfield (NCAA DII)
Emma Sinclair - OH - Dartmouth University (NCAA DI)
Gillian DePauw - ST - Morningside College (NAIA)
Hailey Dittmar - LIB - University of Dubuque (NCAA DIII)
Jade Coffman - ST - Millikin University (NCAA DIII)
Jake DePauw - ST - Morningside College (NAIA)
Jordan Smith - OH -
Kaitlyn Bingham - OH - Southwest Minn. State (NCAA DII)
Kaitlyn Flynn - OH - Eastern Illinois University (NCAA DI)
Kaitlynn Pfeiffer - ST - Southeastern Community (NJCAA)
Karina Simatos - LIB - Bradley University (NCAA DI)
Laina Yurs - OPP - Waldorf University (NAIA)
Lexi Lewis - MB - University of Memphis (NCAA DI)
Lizzy Danelski - MB - Quinnipiac University (NCAA DI)
Kayla Lindquist - OH - Central College (NCAA DIII)
Owen Anderson - LIB -
Riley Shores - OH - Aurora University (NCAA DIII)
Savannah Coats - OH - Colorado St - Pueblo (NCAA DII)
Tabytha Toelke - OH - University of Memphis (NCAA DI)
Trysta Foster - LIB - Arkansas Tech (NCAA DII)

Class of 2022

Ella Holmstrom - OH - Indiana University (NCAA DI)
Emma Schroeder - MB - Kent State University (NCAA DI)
Grace Betke - LIB - Texas Tech (NCAA DI)
Jayden Flynn - ST - Stephen F. Austin (NCAA DI)
Kaitlin Leider - OH - Bradley University (NCAA DI)
Kara Erdmann - LIB - Michigan State University (NCAA DI)
Maleah Howe - OH - Troy University (NCAA DI)
Olivia Heidel - ST - Michigan Tech University (NCAA DII)
Savanah Brandt - MB - Belmont University (NCAA DI)

Class of 2023

Coming Summer of 2021!


VC United is excited to beginning following our Alumni! Below are our alumni and links to their respective college programs!

Girls' Alumni

Class of 2018 - Girls' Program

Ali Lipton - OH - Ithica College (NCAA DIII)
Ashley Wehrstein - LIB - TCU - Texas Christian (NCAA DI)
Madelyne Confer - ST - Lincoln College (NCAA DII)
Madison West - ST - Rock Valley College (NJCAA DIII)
Olivia Makinen - OH/MB - Mount Mercy (NAIA)

Class of 2019 - Girls' Program

Alex Wis - MB - St. Xavier (NAIA)
Arynn Mathieu - OH - Ripon College (NCAA DIII)
Ava Vitale - ST - Northern Iowa (NCAA DI)
Bailey Nelson - OPP - DePaul University (NCAA DI)
BrookeLyn Messenger - OH - Air Force Academy (NCAA DI)
Elle Shult - MB - Western Illinois (NCAA DI)
Gabby DePersio - LIB - Western Illinois (NCAA DI)
Grace Huelsman - MB - Central College (NCAA DIII)
Katelyn Keefe - LIB - Illinois State (NCAA DI)
Katie Erdmann - OH - Southern Miss (NCAA DI)
Lauren Kunke - LIB - Kishwaukee (NJCAA)
Lily Littlefield - LIB - Rock Valley (NJCAA)
Mckenzie Damon - OH/LIB - North Dakota (NCAA DI)
Paige Kaufman - LIB - Loyola (NCAA DI)
Peyton Sewell - ST - North Dakota (NCAA DI)
Rae Ann Bergman - MB - Bradley University (NCAA DI)
Sammi Lockwood - MB - Notre Dame University (NCAA DI)

Class of 2020 - Girls' Program

Abbii McKinley - OH - Rock Valley College
Amy Jones - MB - USMMA (NCAA DIII)
Anna Tapia - ST - Marian University (NCAA DIII)
Ashley Sharkus - LIB - Eastern Illinois University (NCAA DI)
Brenna Melvin - OH - Northern Illinois University (NCAA DI)
Brooke Amann - OH - South Dakota State Univ (NCAA DI)
Gracey Lovgren - OH - Sauk Valley Community College (NJCAA)
Haylee King - ST - Simpson College (NCAA DIII)
Izandra Graf - LIB - Ivy Tech Community College (NJCAA)
Kamryn Olson - ST - Central Michigan University (NCAA DI)
Katelyn Van Hise - MB - UW-Platteville (NCAA DIII)
Katie Angel - LIB - South Dakota School of Mines (NCAA DII)
Madisen Perry - MB - Rock Valley College (NJCAA)
McKaylee Kidd - LIB - Waldorf University (NAIA)
McKenzie Kidd - OH - Waldorf University (NAIA)
Olivia Taylor - LIB - Tennessee Tech (NCAA DI)
Sophia Walter - MB - DMACC (NJCAA)
Tayler Alden - ST - Northern Iowa University (NCAA DI)

Boys' Alumni

Class of 2018 - Boys' Program

Andy Roungtakoun - LIB - Viterbo University (NAIA)
Anthony Galindo - MB - University of Concordia (NCAA DIII)
Mitchell Wannahwilai - LIB - Mount Mercy (NAIA)
Skylar Versendaal - OH - Univ of Concordia (NCAA DIII)

Class of 2019 - Boys' Program

Anthony Munoz - MB - Rockford University (NCAA DIII)
Derek Moore - MB - Missouri Baptist (NAIA)
Gabe DeBenedetto - ST - Endicott College (NCAA DIII)
Stephen Lewandowski - MB - Clarke University (NAIA)

Class of 2020 - Boys' Program

Carlon Keith - OPP - Grand View University (NAIA)
Ethan Weber - MB - Park University Gilbert (NAIA)
Jason Rodriguez - ST - Aurora University (NCAA DIII)
Kenny Kirnberger - LIB - Milwaukee School of Engineering (NCAA DIII)
Kyle Eggers - OPP - Dominican University (NAIA)
Noah Chanthalangsy - LIB - Benedictine University (NCAA DIII
Nikos Xydakis - OPP - McKendree Univertsity (NCAA DI-II)
Westin Roy - LIB - Maryville University (NCAA DI-II)

Our Process

Step 1

Complete PSA Questionnaire
Players start the recruiting process by completing the Prospective Student Athlete form that will be submitted to Lauren Hansen. This process generally starts between your freshman and sophomore year.
PSA Questionnaire

Step 2

PSA Consultation
Once receiving the PSA Questionnaire, Lauren will contact the player and her family to schedule a PSA Consultation to discuss the recruiting process. The process varies for each player, so Lauren will help each family navigate the process and help them to understand timelines.

Step 3

Video, Video, Video
Players that want to be recruited in today's college game must have video. Parents will receive instructions on how to video their child during matches. Players submit video and request "Highlight Reels" that will be prepared by our team.
Request Video

Step 4

Recruiting Visits & Camps
Players will begin the process of attending Official & Unofficial Visits after September 1st of their Junior year. Prior to that players may attend special camps or clinics hosted by college programs, VC United or other 3rd Party camps. These camps are NOT required but may lead to additional exposure.

Step 5

Verbal Commitments & Signings
Once a player receives and offer and decides that the school is the right fit for them, they make a "Verbal Commitment" to the program. That commitment will stay in place until their Senior Year when they will likely sign a National Letter of Intent to play for a school. (Dependent on scholarship situation.)

Recruiting Myths

You Should Hire A Recruiting Service
If you are not a member of VC United, that might be the case. There are a number of recruiting services out there that promise to deliver exposure and the hopes of a scholarship. NCSA, CaptainU, independent consultants, etc. However, as a player at VC United, the simple fact of the matter is that you simply need to work with VC United's recruiting team to navigate the process. There is NO NEED to spend additional funds on outside services!
You MUST attend Recruiting Combines
Recruiting Combines (Showcases) have become the latest "money grab" in the recruiting world. While there are several that offer amazing exposure, many do NOT. Do your research and make sure the combine has an established history of college coaches attending. Please know that 150 college coaches can NEVER see hundreds of athletes in a short time frame. Combines are likely to have a low return on investment.
It is TOO late for me to get recruited
The recruiting process is different for EVERY player. It is NEVER too late. Recruiting needs are changing constantly in the college game as players will transfer, medically retire or simply quit programs all the time. We have many stories of players committing to BIG TIME schools late in their senior year. Never stop dreaming!
We will NEVER get seen on a 2's team

Many players and parents FEAR that not being on the top team will affect recruiting. That simply ISN'T true. Most college coaches believe the level of training a player receives is much more impactful to recruiting than being on a top team. Here is a great article on the subject.

Read More


Check out what people are saying about Lauren Hansen (Recruiting Director) in her role for VC United! We couldn't be more fortunate to have ONE OF THE BEST with her background and experience behind the players for VC United!

  • Brenda Lessman
    I cannot say enough about Lauren and her active involvement with the recruiting process for VC United. She has went above and beyond for us personally. I truly feel at all levels of play with the club she works to get your name out there and really works to find the perfect fit for the player.  Lauren was in contact on a regular basis with Rae Ann (daughter) and myself. She really took an interest in Rae and listened to what she wanted and was looking for in a college and the level of play.  She got her film out there and updated on a regular basis. Before we knew it in one week Rae was taking with 3 different schools. It can be a stressful time and Lauren, along with Eric walked us through it, talked with Rae many times and myself. We live in a rural area, and along with Rae, another girl in a neighboring town, has committed for 2020.
    I found out quickly Lauren is very well respected and trusted amongst the college coaches we talked with.  Before committing Lauren was in contact with Rae making sure she was 100% certain. I felt she really took the time to get to know you and the family.
    Bottom line, I am impressed and Lauren has pretty much done most of the work. She is busy but she always has time for my call or text. We just spoke yesterday and for this fall alone she has close to sixty National Letter of Intent signings to attend. How she will do that I have no idea but between she and Eric, they will make it happen. I cannot thank Lauren and VC United enough for their guidance and help.
    Brenda Lessman
    Mother of Rae Ann Bergman - Class of 2019
  • Kim and Doug Wagemester
    Lauren started building a relationship with my daughter immediately after she was offered a spot on the team. Lauren provides a personal, 360 degree service from prepping our daughter for communicating with college coaches to listening to what our daughter is looking for in a college. Lauren has a straight forward approach which makes the process very efficient.
    Kim and Doug Wagemester
    Athletic Director at Kirkwood Community College and Parent
  • Associate Head Coach
    It has been a pleasure working with Lauren to recruit many different Iowa Rockets athletes. Lauren does a great job educating her athletes about how the process works. The Rockets athletes I have communicated with always understand NCAA rules, have great questions, and are extremely proactive during the recruiting process. She also does a great job getting to know what each individual athlete is looking for, and then helps them navigate through the recruiting process to find the school and program that fits the athlete best. Having recruited Iowa Rockets athletes for several years, it is evident Lauren has streamlined the process for both athletes and college coaches!
    Associate Head Coach
    Division I
  • Julie Grothusen
    We wanted to thank you and Lauren as a recruiter. She is amazing! She is such a wealth of knowledge and support during this recruiting time for Ally! I seriously don't know how we would be surviving without her help from emails, to phone calls, face to face meetings and most importantly emotional support (lol)! We love her!!
    Julie Grothusen
  • Associate Head Coach
    Lauren's quick responses, knowledge of her athletes and grasp of schools equate to her being incredible to work with. She is the best thing to hit Iowa since sweet corn! I really enjoy working with her!!!"
    Associate Head Coach
    Division I