Player Code of Conduct – VC United

Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct #

  • I will adhere to the rules and policies outlined in this Club Handbook and Code of Conduct.
  • I acknowledge that any violation of this Code of Conduct could result in my immediate removal, suspension, or termination from VC United events, tournaments or the VC United program.
  • I will not exhibit conduct which is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior.
  • I will be respectful in public and display good character as a representative of VC United.
  • I will not transport, possess, or drink any alcohol, consume tobacco (including vape products), or take illegal drugs of any kind; (if I am found to be using any of these substances, I will be terminated immediately from the program).
  • I will be responsible when using the internet and will not submit any negative information (comments, pictures, or other content) regarding my teammates, team or VC United while using social networks or communicating via email.
  • I will accept the responsibility to manage my time in order to participate at VC United while maintaining balance and high standards with academics and family.
  • I will follow all rules and policies of the host facility when at tournaments, hotels or other functions related to participating in VC United related events.  COVID-19 Response: This includes following all posted guidelines and respecting the rules related to COVID-19 of host facilities that we enter.
  • I will value the instruction of my coaches. Whether I think my coach is the best, the worst or somewhere in between, my job is to listen to my coaches, follow instruction, make changes and trust that they are looking out for my best interests. This includes not only my own coach and Technical Director, but any member of the coaching staff that takes the time to offer instruction throughout the season.
  • If I have a problem with a teammate, I will accept the responsibility to work it out with them. If I am unable or uncomfortable, I will talk to the coaching staff to attempt to solve the problem.
  • I will never question an official or express my feelings at an officiating decision. Officials are part of the game. I will never talk back or “show up” an official. This includes players that are performing officiating duties such as line judge or scorekeeping at an event.

Prom & Homecoming Dance/Activities #

  • I understand that only seniors are allowed to miss a VC United event for such activities and that seniors are allowed to miss one (1) day only.  All other activities must be attended on your own time.
  • I understand that any other player missing a VC United event for Prom/Homecoming will be considered unexcused and will be subject to our policies outlined in the Club Handbook.

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