Overnight Tournament/Travel Policy – VC United

Overnight Tournament/Travel Policy

Overnight Tournament/Travel Policy

Overnight Tournament/Travel Policy #

We ask that families acknowledge that if tournaments are played outside of the greater Chicagoland area there will be travel costs for those tournaments that are not included in the club dues.  This includes both personal costs and those related to the coaches’ travel that will be invoiced.  Any additional fees will be communicated via email to the families.

We realize that by committing to play for the VC United program our child is committing to attend those events that require out of town travel and we will be responsible for costs associated with attending those events.

COVID-19 Response: If a player is experiencing symptoms prior to leaving for an overnight event, they should not attend.  Players not attending due to COVID-19 symptoms will receive a 50% refund for any associated travel costs to the club.
READ CAREFULLY: If your child is not able to participate in an “out of town” tournament you may contact the Executive Director to request an Overnight Tournament Waiver at least 4 weeks prior to the trip date to not be charged for travel.  It must be in email format and must be approved by our Executive Director in order to receive a waiver.  You will receive a response within 72 hours.

Travel Policy for Overnight Tournaments

Transportation To/From Host City
Parents/guardians are responsible for getting their child to the host city at the time designated for the event (whether by ground or air).  VC United Staff is not allowed to provide transportation in a personal vehicle to the host city for any player (unless directly related to that player).

VC United reserves the right to provide transportation to Overnight Tournaments if it is determined to be both financially and logistically responsible.  This will only occur on rare occasions and teams will be notified well in advance if this is the case.  (Examples may be events considered to be “Team Bonding” opportunities.)

If we are at an Overnight Tournament that we traveled to as a program players may return home from those tournaments with their family if advance notice is given. Please email the Technical Director to inform them.

Transportation During Tournament
All players will be transported to and from the venue by their parents/guardians or will make arrangements with another family unless otherwise notified prior to the event.

Hotel Policy
When hotel stay is required, players will stay with their parents at any hotel within 20 miles of the host city.

VC United will secure a courtesy room block through our Associate Club Director.  Families are NOT required to book through the room block unless designated as “Stay To Play”

“Stay To Play” events REQUIRE our teams to book through a designated housing service.  We MUST meet the requirements in order for our teams to be accepted and participate in the event.  This is NOT a VC United policy; rather a policy maintained by the tournament organizers.

Team Activities
Players will be encouraged to eat all meals together and participate in team activities throughout the event, but will be released to their parents at the end of the day.  We appreciate full support of this policy.

Booking Travel for Overnight Tournaments

  • VC United will book travel per our Travel Policy outlined in Section 9.4
  • Travel Information will be maintained on our website under the Resources menu
  • Travel Coordinator: Associate Club Director will book all of the travel accommodations.  They will also handle room blocks for parents for all events as well. Contact your Director with any questions you may have via email throughout the season.

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