Financial Agreement – VC United

Financial Agreement

Financial Agreement

Season Dues #

  • We realize that VC United is an elite travel program and I/we pledge our financial support for the entire season, even if our child chooses to leave the program.
  • If your child decides not to participate in the club season after the start of the program, a written notice needs to be sent to the Executive Director through e-mail with the last date of participation. You will still be financially responsible for all outstanding fees.

Travel Invoices #

  • Mandatory overnight events require additional fees that are not included in the dues for the season (Elite only).  Mandatory overnight events are defined by those events that we are required to secure overnight accommodations for our staff to attend.  Those events will be indicated on our Tournament Schedule.
  • VC United will invoice portions of the fees required for these events to individual families to cover the costs associated with our coaches and staff attending the event.  Those fees include but are not limited to: transportation, parking, hotel, per diem, etc.
  • Those invoices are emailed out throughout the season and players are responsible for those fees whether they attend the tournament or not.  Exceptions are made if an Overnight Tournament Waiver is completed and accepted by our staff.
  • Fees are determined by dividing the total travel expenses incurred by the number of players attending the event.
  • Travel invoices are generally sent (via email) within 72 hours of the final day of the event.
  • Travel invoices are to be paid in full within 30 days of receipt unless otherwise noted.  Please note that Travel invoices are associated with in-season eligibility and families must be current in order to be considered eligible.

Uniform Fees #

  • Uniform Fees are designated for new players to the program except in years that our vendor discontinues previous uniform items or VC United voluntarily retires a uniform item.
  • Under no circumstances will VC United be able to remove portions of the uniform package.
  • Uniform fees MUST be paid by the designated date in order to ensure that the player’s order is placed on time and we are able to deliver uniform items in a timely manner.
  • Uniform orders are now placed directly with Mizuno (new in 2020-21).  Mizuno will process all payments, orders and shipping.  VC United does not handle any portion of the fees associated with the Uniform packages.
  • All Uniform orders will be placed online through Mizuno’s partner OrderMyGear.
  • Uniform Fees are non-refundable once the order is processed with Mizuno.  This includes any incorrect sizes as each player was provided an opportunity to try-on all items available on the store.

Payment Options #

Online Payments (Required) #

VC United has partnered with LeagueApps.

  • Credit Card Payments (Stripe)
    – Dues/Fees are required to go on Auto-Pay Program
    – Credit Card Payments are subject to Transaction Fee  Please Note: Fee Rate: FREE (2022-23 Season)
  • ACH/Bank Payments (Plaid)
    – Dues/Fees are required to go on Auto-Pay Program
    – ACH Payments are subject to Transaction Fee  Please Note: Fee Rate:  FREE (2021-22 Season)
Offline Payments #

VC United only accepts payments through our online platform.   If you would like to obtain a waiver from paying online, please contact Patrick Freeman at explaining why a waiver would be required.  If approved, additional details on how to pay offline will be provided at that time.

  • Check Payments
    Checks made payable to “VC United” must be mailed to:
    VC United, 7135 Clinton Rd., Loves Park, IL 61111
  • Cash Payments
    Cash payments must be made In-Person only.  Cash payments must be delivered to our Administrative offices and given to a member of our Executive Team

Refund Policy #

There are NO REFUNDS. No Refunds shall be given for Acceptance Fee, Season Dues, Uniform Packages, special event/travel tournament expenses, equipment, etc. Once you have signed the contract you are financially committed & responsible for the full amount of the Season Dues and any balance on your account. This includes:

  • Players choosing not to attend an Overnight Tournament. The costs for the event are calculated based on all players attending and thus cannot be refunded or waived under any circumstances unless approved through an Overnight Tournament Waiver by Executive Director.
    • The VC United staff must be notified a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event to be considered for an Overnight Tournament Waiver (see Policy 9.3)
  • Players choosing to leave the program or being removed from the program for disciplinary reasons. Program expenses and subsequent fees have been calculated based on the participants selected at tryouts and will not be refunded for the above reasons in any case.
Exception:   VC United will consider special circumstances only in the case of a season-ending injury or illness. For more information, please contact the Executive Director for review. No other exceptions will be considered.

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