2022-23 Girls' Elite Program – VC United

2022-23 Girls’ Elite Program

2022-23 Girls’ Elite Program

Season Start Date #

First practice dates for age groups are listed below:

  • U12, U13, U14 – Tuesday, November 29th
  • U15, U16, U17, U18 – Monday, November 28th

Program Overview #

Click Here to view the 2022-23 slideshow that was presented at the Season Kick-Off Meeting on Sunday, November 13th

Purpose of Elite Program #

A reminder that the Elite Program is our Collegiate Development Program. The Girls’ Elite Program is to be considered by athletes who are looking to train and compete nationally at the highest level in club and aspire to play in college. Teams are trained by our most experienced coaches.

Teams #
  • U12 – 1 Team (121 Elite)
  • U13 – 1 Team (131 Elite)
  • U14 – 2 Teams (141 Elite, 142 Elite)
  • U15 – 3 Teams (151 Elite, 152 Elite, 153 Elite)
  • U16 – 4 Teams (161 Elite, 162 Elite, 163 Elite, 164 Elite)
  • U17 – 5 Teams (171 Elite, 172 Elite, 173 Elite, 174 Elite, 175 Elite, 176 Elite)
  • U18 – 3 Teams (181 Elite, 182 Elite, 183 Elite)

Important Links/Information #

  • Program Home Page – Access for program details and team links
  • Club Resources – Includes Club Handbook (policies), Codes of Conduct, Travel Information, & more
  • PlayMetrics Dashboard – Access your PlayMetrics Account to view schedule, directions, team chat, & more.
  • LeagueApps Dashboard – For those that tried out in July, access LeagueApps to manage your payments
  • Team Pages – Access team pages on our website for a public view of roster and schedule information

Initial Eligibility #

  • Step 1 -Register and Enroll in Auto-Pay on PlayMetrics
    All families MUST register, sign agreements, and enroll in Auto-Pay (goto PlayMetrics)
  • Step 2 -Review the Club Handbook in its entirety
    We ask that our families understand our rules and procedures. Use this as a resource for questions (view now)
  • Step 3 – Order Your Uniform From Official Mizuno Store
    This must be done by the deadline to ensure delivery for first tournaments (see below)
  • Step 4 – Complete any mandatory Membership
    NOTHING to do for Regional players as they will play under JVA Membership (see below)
  • Step 5 – Submit mandatory forms to admin office 
    Forms will be submitted online via a link sent out by our administrative team (see below)

Uniform Order/Delivery #

Place Uniform Order #

In order to be eligible to start the season you must order your official Mizuno Uniform package at https://vcunitedgirlsnovember2022.itemorder.com/shop/home/

  • July Tryouts – Deadline: TBA
  • October Tryouts – Deadline: TBA
  • November Tryouts – Deadline:  Thursday, November 17th
Non-Decorated Items Delivery #

Non-Decorated items (shoes, kneepads, arm sleeves, etc.) are schedule to ship after the store closes and will go directly to your home. We anticipate late November/early December.

Decorated (Printed) Items Delivery #

Decorated items (hoodies, fan gear, backpacks, etc.) are scheduled to ship to the decorator in late November. Once completed they will ship directly to your home in mid-December.

Practice T-Shirts & Custom Jerseys Delivery #

Practice T-Shirts and Mizuno’s custom jerseys will be distributed by our coaching staff at practice in the month of December.

Required Memberships #

USAV Membership #

REQUIRED for all players PRIOR to starting practice the week of November 28th; Click the link below to register:

VC United/USAV Membership: https://memberships.sportsengine.com/org/24067/affiliation/189451/get-membership

AAU Membership #

REQUIRED for all players PRIOR to starting practice the week of November 28th; Will be purchased by VC United as part of the players’ dues.

Practice Schedules #

Age Group/Team
U12 Elite Tue – 5pm-8pm Thu – 5pm-8pm
U13 Elite Tue – 5pm-8pm Thu – 5pm-8pm
U14 Elite Tue – 5pm-8pm Thu – 5pm-8pm
U15 Elite Mon – 6pm-9pm Tue – 6pm-9:30pm Thu – 6pm-9:30pm
U16 Elite Mon – 6pm-9pm Tue – 6pm-9:30pm Thu – 6pm-9:30pm
U17 Elite Mon – 5pm-8pm Tue – 6pm-9:30pm Thu – 6pm-9:30pm
U18 Elite Mon – 5pm-8pm Tue – 6pm-9:30pm Thu – 6pm-9:30pm

Tournament Schedules #

Click on the links below to view the schedule for the age group/team your daughter is playing on.

U12 Elite 121 Elite
U13 Elite 131 Elite
U14 Elite 141 Elite 142 Elite
U15 Elite 151 Elite 152 Elite 153 Elite
U16 Elite 161 Elite 162 Elite 163 Elite 164 Elite
U17 Elite 171 Elite 172 Elite 173 Elite 174 Elite 175 Elite
U18 Elite 181 Elite 182 Elite 183 Elite
Travel Information #

Coming Soon!

Players are strongly encouraged to wait until teams are formed to book hotel accommodations.  We suggest creating a team discussion around where the team would like to stay.  While this is NOT REQUIRED it is recommended to enhance the experience for the players on the team.

Technical Director #

Courtney Slinko
Program: U14-U12 Elite
Phone: 815-977-9268
Courtney brings nearly 30 years of coaching and playing experience to our Girls’ Elite program. She’s played (Michigan State) and coached (Marquette) collegiately and was also a member of the USA Women’s National team. She’s been coaching club/HS for 20+ years

Eric Schulze
Program: U18-U15 Elite
Phone: 815-977-9268

Coaching Staff #

While we have our coaching staff lined up for the season, we are finalizing scheduling as well as matching coaches to the appropriate age groups, team rosters as the season nears.  We will announce our coaching staff here.  Contact information will be available inside the PlayMetrics app.

Team Age Group Head Coach
121 Elite U12 Elite Teri Little
131 Elite U13 Elite Jacklyn Olejniczak
141 Elite U14 Elite Dr. Dave Hamilton
142 Elite U14 Elite Maddy Dovnar
151 Elite U15 Elite Patrick Freeman
152 Elite U15 Elite Bill McLaughlin
153 Elite U15 Elite Taylor Spellman
161 Elite U16 Elite Eric Schulze
162 Elite U16 Elite Coming Soon!
163 Elite U16 Elite Andre DeKok
164 Elite U16 Elite Jessica Tollakson
171 Elite U17 Elite Peter Winters
172 Elite U17 Elite Jennifer Charles
173 Elite U17 Elite Ryan Horihan
174 Elite U17 Elite Andrew DeKok
175 Elite U17 Elite Derek Moore
181 Elite U18 Elite Amber Rolfzen
182 Elite U18 Elite Michelle Furlong
183 Elite U18 Elite Kenzie Holste

Team Selection Process #

Final rosters will be formed after the first 2-3 weeks of practice in December.  A few notes about the process:

  • Teams are ranked at VC United; meaning rosters are determined competitively through evaluation at practice
  • We will NOT discuss placement after the rosters are finalized.  We ask that you and your daughter trust our process and give the team placement an opportunity to play out.
  • The objective of team placement is to put each player in the best position possible to compete for playing time and to advance/develop as a player.  There are many factors involved and the process is both exhaustive and comprehensive.
  • Requests to be placed with a players’ friend(s) or family member(s) are generally not honored.  If all parties agree in writing to such a placement it will only be done on the “lowest” team that a player requesting such placement is selected to.  We will not “bump” a player that has earned a spot from a higher team for this type of request.

How Will We Communicate? #

The below list will better explain what to expect regarding communication throughout the season:

  • General Information (Club) We will use e-mail and PlayMetrics notification to pass along club or program-wide information.
  • Team Information (Coach) – Team information will come from both our Head Coach and Technical Director.  They will exclusively use the PlayMetrics notification system and the Team Chat to pass along information.
  • Scheduling (Coach) – All scheduling will be done in PlayMetrics
  • Weather Cancellations (Club) – We will use PlayMetrics notifications for any weather cancellations or weather updates
  • Tournament Information (Coach) – Our coaching staff will update their teams with tournament specific information using the PlayMetrics app.
  • Uniform Updates (Mizuno) – All uniform related updates will come via email directly from Mizuno.  VC United does not receive those notifications as they go directly to the parent.

Optional Performance Training (Oak Performance) #

Adam Lane, owner of Oak Performance, and VC United’s strength coach has put together a comprehensive OPTIONAL program for our Girls’ Elite players to participate in this season.   Please note: 3 Days/Week of performance training (before or after practice) is included in your dues and part of our training program.  The program below is only for those athletes that would like to to additional training beyond those 3 sessions.

Please use the information below to view the presentation he provided at the Season Kick-Off Meeting and review the registration information.

Registration Options

To put a program together, talk with Coach Matt.  Email him at

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