Financial Aid Coordinator:  Tammi Haverly
E-Mail:  Phone: 815-262-9038


Custom Payment Plans

Please use this form to apply for a Custom Payment Plan. A Custom Payment Plan is an installment plan defined by the family that is different than our Standard Payment Plan. Custom Payment Plans are only used for Club Dues. Plans will be reviewed by our Executive Team and responses sent within 72 business hours.
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Fundraising Opportunity

Earn Credit Towards Your Dues
  • There is an Administration fee deducted once/month from the monies the concession stand earns. This fee covers the time it takes to set up registration on the website, schedule workers, find replacements and figure the earnings/family. After the Admin fee is deducted you are guaranteed to earn $9.90/hour. There will be events that will only earn $9.90 and events that earn more. Most events earn more. (Updated October 25, 2021)
  • It is our intention that everyone receives the event dates that they register for.  This is not always possible. Please understand that there may be dates that you request but will not be assigned.  The more dates you chose ensures that you will be assigned to a portion of your chosen dates.
  • If more families request a certain date than what Savor needs, there will be a wait list established and if cancellations occur spots will be filled from the waitlist.
  • We encourage families to register more than one person to work when possible.  If work space fills and there is a waiting list please understand that some of your additional family or friends may be dropped from the confirmation list of workers.  This is done to ensure that everyone has a chance to work.
  • The contract that we have with the BMO Harris Bank Centre and Savor foods states that we provide personnel to work a number of events throughout the year.  There are event dates that typically earn more dollars than others. Families that chose to work events that earn less and sign up for higher paying events will have priority over families that only sign up for just the higher paying events.
  • All dollars earned go toward dues and fees.  If you were to have a credit balance at the end of the season it would go toward the next club season.  Any players that are 18 and would be aging out of the club would be asked to monitor their BMO balances and ideally have a zero credit balance at the end of the season.  If there is a credit balance for an 18 that is aging out you would have the option of gifting that balance to a younger player. No checks for credit balances will be issued for any reason to any player.  Players leaving VC United forfeit any BMO dollars in their accounts.
As of right now you do not need to be vaccinated to work at the BMO as a volunteer. However, all BMO employees are vaccinated and protocol for volunteers could change at any time. Masks must be worn at all times in the BMO Harris Bank Center. Please be aware that safety for all that work at the BMO Harris Bank Center will be a priority.

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Coming Soon!

The BMO Harris Bank Centre program will return when events are able to start operating again in the facility.