ABOUT US – VC United


VC United is an elite junior volleyball club in Rockford, IL.

Learn how VC United came to be!


Volleyball Club United (VC United) is the vision of Owner/Executive Director Eric Schulze for a unique elite junior volleyball club in the Midwest. After evaluating possible locations in the summer of 2017, we realized that Rockford was one of the only major cities in the Midwest that did not have a nationally-renowned club. After hearing the support from several coaches and former players from the Rockford area, VC United was born!

Why the name VC United? It is inspired by Schulze's time on the international volleyball scene. Many of the clubs in Europe (any sport) use the initials as part of their name. As far as United goes, the club will be bringing together many of the concepts and philosophies used to create some of the strongest clubs in the country. Bringing together ideas ... Unification ... UNITED! (Plus it will sound cool when we break the huddle!)

After spending the summer of 2017 searching for a location to practice, and fearful that it was not coming together, VC United caught a break when a local satellite club determined they would shut their doors in Rockford in late August. VC United pounced. We will have 4 dedicated wood courts and 2 dedicated sport courts to train on in the NetLynx Sports Center in Loves Park, IL.